Nick Marconi.

What are you doing now?

Nick Marconi graduated in 2008 with Honors and Research Distinction in International Studies, focusing on Security and Intelligence. He is currently a Graduate Research Associate in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, working towards his master's degree. Nick's research involves fair trade and organic labeling. He is currently researching the organic market under the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

"The opportunities I've had to teach and learn at this university are genuinely priceless. The Ohio State University has quite literally brought me the world, and I just can't imagine what my life would be like had I chosen another institution." — Nick Marconi

Megan Gordon, with children from House of Love.

What did you do with your International Studies degree?

Megan Gordon (pictured with some of the children) interned at the House of Love, an organization directed at helping the tribal ethnic minorities of Thailand through daycare for children living in the slums, an orphanage, and HIV/AIDS education in tribal villages.

I worked in the orphanage in the evenings when the children who live there come home from school, spending time with them as well as doing English tutoring. I also worked in the fields to help plant their large garden which they hope will make them self sufficient in regards to food." — Megan Gordon

Adam Kong.

What inspires you about the International Studies program?

"As our world becomes even more interconnected, it is important that we educate ourselves not only about domestic cultures but of those foreign to us. Through this cross-cultural education, we can understand each other and work our way towards peaceful collaboration and understanding. International Studies at Ohio State teaches students the importance of this and encourages us to look for careers that take us past our borders." — Adam Kong

Julia Barham.

What inspires you about the International Studies program?

"Studying abroad and applying my knowledge in a different part of the world inspires me the most about the International Studies program. The IS program coupled with our Study Abroad programs creates a memorable and educational experience. I’m also inspired by the professors who show passion for their subjects, which makes class time not only intellectually stimulating, but exciting at the same time." — Julia Barham

Gordon Gee, former OSU President, and Megan Swillinger.

Why did you choose to major in the International Studies program?

"It has always been my dream to travel the world while working for our government to improve the way America and her people are perceived and accepted." — Megan Swillinger