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Kirk Harrington (1999)

Third Federal Savings & Loan - Senior Modeling Analyst

Kirk Harrington.
"The International Studies major from Ohio State taught me to write, to research, and analyze. These skills have been invaluable to me in my current career as senior statistical analyst in the banking industry. I have worked in Credit Risk and Marketing for several major Midwest banks, including National City, Fitih Third, Key, and Third Federal. Further, I enjoyed working in International Banking (Letters of Credit) for both Fifth Third and Huntington Banks.

After I received my degree at Ohio State and worked a couple of years at Huntington Banks in the International Department, I went back to school at the State University of New York to obtain my Masters of Economics. I also continued some international studies, including (for example) studies of Asian Economies. To advance in my chosen career I felt like I needed the additional schooling and I was right. It was only one year later after I received my Masters that I was promoted from within at Fifth Third to be a Senior Credit Risk Analyst. Here I learned the valuable statistical tool, SAS, which helped me in the next several years of my work. I have since used SPSS, learned R, and learned the programming language SQL (on multiple platforms).

The other thing I appreciated from my International Studies program is that it taught me to be a good world citizen and to give to my nation, community, and world whenever I had the chance. I have taken with me this spirit ever since I graduated. For example, I’ve served as a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts of America, Citizenship in the World merit badge. I have also done service for the Snow Leopard Trust which helps protect snow leopards in Mongolia (snowleopard.org). I have volunteered for many events (including international ones) through my various employers over the years and through my church. I’ve also had the opportunity to write for a trade and various business publications.

The International Studies program also help me enjoy the diversity of life which has boosted my desires to get more out of it. Thanks to this passion, I started an effort to promote the induction of Duran Duran (my favorite band) to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (see www.ddttrh.info). Through this effort I have met people from all over the world, including professionals in the music and film industry. Further, I started a group called SAEG which stands for ‘Statistical Analyst Effectiveness Group’ which seeks to share with junior and intermediate‐level analysts skills that they can use to advance in their careers. I have also been successful in networking with many business professionals from all over the country (and recently out of the country in Sweden).

Thanks to my understanding of some international laws, I was able to marry a Canadian, help her become American, and had three really great children (ages are 8, 13, and 16). I have been able to help them enjoy life as well by being involved in activities such as music (my daughter plays the clarinet for Orchestra and Marching band and my son plays the French horn), science clubs, and many other unique activities (including international ones).

One other thing I’ve enjoyed since my graduation are travels to different US states (either with my family or by myself), including Boston, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Along with these travels I have sought to appreciate the diversity of our nation and enjoyed the adventures I’ve had along the way.

I will always be grateful for my degree from Ohio State, and particularly my degree in International Studies. It has imprinted on me a passion for diversity, a love for research and writing, and the desires to enjoy life a little more every day."