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United Nations University Global Seminar, Japan

Aya Matsuda

Aya Matsuda, International Relations & Diplomacy major, participated in the United Nations University Global Seminar Japan this summer.

The theme for the September 6-10 event was "Toward a Global Sustainable Society." Participants interacted with experts from around the world over the five days of the seminar and completed research projects to further its mission.

Aya's team presented a report entitled "Green College 2015" and assisted in its 2010 foundation. The purpose of the college is to educate for environmental responsibility. The basic themes include reduction of resource usage, recycling and reuse, repair, and redefining how happiness can be fostered in people.

To participate, knowledge of the Japanese language and English are required. Aya is fluent in both. Additionally, she is studying Chinese at Ohio State.

The Global Seminar series was initiated in 1985 as part of the United Nations' effort to bring the knowledge and experience embodied in the experts that consult with it to interested citizens around the world. Japan was the country that launched the series, and it has now spread around the globe.