There are eleven major specializations for you to choose from.  Offerings in regional specializations encompass: African Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Slavic and East European Studies, and Western European Studies.   In addition to offering geographical specialties, International Studies provides a great breadth of thematic specializations: Development Studies, Globalization Studies, International and Diplomacy Studies, Security and Intelligence, and World Business and Economy. Students should meet with an academic advisor to design an academic pathway. Please refer to the major guidelines to learn more about the curriculum requirements.

Double Majors

Many students elect to double major in International Studies and an interdisciplinary major of their choice. Among the most elected are: foreign languages, history, anthropology, geography, and political science.   It is not required to double major, however, students often find an additional major to complement their academic journey.   Some of the more unusual double major choices include, for example, Development Studies and Microbiology, or Chemistry and Security and Intelligence.

Students can also double major in International Studies.  In this case students must combine an area studies major (African Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Slavic & East European Studies or West European Studies) with an international affairs major (Development Studies, Globalization Studies, International Relations & Diplomacy, Security & Intelligence, or World Economy & Business).  In addition, a foreign language minor is required to complete a major (single or double) in International Studies.