Subject Course #sort descending Title Au Sp Su
INTSTDS 597.01H Problems and Policies in World Population, Food, and Environment: Honors      
INTSTDS 2000 Introduction to Africa Au    
INTSTDS 2050 Introduction to China and Japan Au Sp  
INTSTDS 2100 Introduction to Latin America Au Sp  
INTSTDS 2100H Introduction to Latin America      
INTSTDS 2200 Introduction to the Modern Middle East Au    
INTSTDS 2250 Russia: From Communism to Capitalism Au Sp  
INTSTDS 2500 Introduction to Development Studies Au Sp  
INTSTDS 2500H Introduction to Development Studies   Sp  
INTSTDS 2800 Introduction to Peace Studies Au Sp  
INTSTDS 2800H Introduction to Peace Studies      
INTSTDS 3350 Introduction to Western Europe Au Sp  
INTSTDS 3400 The Analysis and Display of Data Au Sp  
INTSTDS 3450 Human Rights: An Introduction Au Sp  
INTSTDS 3661 The City and Culture Au    
INTSTDS 3700 Introduction to Intelligence Au Sp  
INTSTDS 3700H Introduction to Intelligence Au    
INTSTDS 3701 Introduction to Homeland Security Au Sp  
INTSTDS 3702 Herding Cyber Cats: Information Security Management      
INTSTDS 3850 Introduction to Globalization Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4195 Selected Problems in International Studies Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4195H Selected Problems in International Studies      
INTSTDS 4242 Incomplete Democracies: the (Un)Rule of Law in Latin America Au    
INTSTDS 4251 Organized Crime and Corruption in Contemporary Europe Au    
AEDECON 4320E Energy, the Environment, and the Economy Au    
INTSTDS 4532 Food Security and Globalization Au    
INTSTDS 4535 International Economic Development      
INTSTDS 4536 Economic Development of Sub-Saharan Africa Au    
INTSTDS 4560 Cooperation and Conflict in the Global Economy Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4560H Cooperation and Conflict in the Global Economy      
INTSTDS 4597.01 Food, Population, and the Environment Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4597.01H Food, Population, and the Environment   Sp  
INTSTDS 4700 Terror and Terrorism Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4700H Terror and Terrorism   Sp  
INTSTDS 4701 The Development and Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4704 A Global War on Terror? America's Response to the 9/11 Attacks      
INTSTDS 4800 Cultural Diplomacy      
INTSTDS 4801 Model United Nations Au    
INTSTDS 4803 Intervening for Peace: Peacekeeping and Collective Security Au Sp  
INTSTDS 4804 Applied Nonviolence I: Methods      
INTSTDS 4850 Understanding the Global Information Society Au    
RELSTDS 4873 Contemporary Religious Movements in Global Context Au    
INTSTDS 5051 East Asia in the Post-Cold War Era: Issues in Regional Security & Economic Development Au Sp  
INTSTDS 5702 Research on Organized Violence Au    
INTSTDS 5800 International Law Au Sp  
PUBAFRS 7509 Disasters: Preparedness and Response Au