Bruhns Scholarship for Study in the Middle East!

September 6, 2023

Bruhns Scholarship for Study in the Middle East!

dome of mosque

The Fred C. and E. Maxine Moose Bruhns Scholarship for Study in the Middle East is now taking applications!


To support a credit-worthy program of study abroad of at least five weeks in length in any Arabic- or Farsi-speaking nation.


One or more awards to be made annually of up to $2000 based on the proposed course of study and its cost.


You must be a full-time student planning to return to the University for at least two academic terms following study abroad. 

  • You must either have taken courses already in Arabic or Farsi or be fluent in either language.
  • You must be working toward an undergraduate major or minor in international studies with a thematic or area focus on the Middle East.
  • Students must be enrolled at OSU during their study abroad and must be participating in an OSU approved program.  

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (Proposals must be received by October 15, 2023 at 5pm EST.)

An application must include all of the following information:

I.             A biographical section indicating:

A.            Student Name (and name.#)

B.            Current rank (1st year, sophomore, etc.)

C.            Declared or Intended Major(s) and/or Minor(s)

D.            Contact Information

E.            Are you a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident?*

F.            Total funds requested


II.            A Proposal that includes the following:

A.            A statement of no more than one page in length (single spaced) describing the proposed study abroad plan (e.g., location, program, language, courses  chosen). Please note that eligible programs must be at least five weeks in length. You may also include a brief statement as to how your activity contributes to the educational diversity mission of the university.

B.            A budget outlining the expected costs, and the amount of funds requested for the scholarship.

C.            A current unofficial transcript or advising report.

D.            An explanation of your current level of fluency in either Arabic or Farsi.

Submission instructions:

All application materials should be sent via email attachment to Karlene Foster ( Submissions are preferred in .pdf format.  Please indicate the words “Moose Bruhns Scholarship” in the subject line.  The deadline for receipt of applications is 5pm on October 15, 2023. For questions regarding the application process, please contact Karlene Foster at the email above or at 614.292.9657.

*Preferred but not required.