International Studies 3701 -- Introduction to Homeland Security

February 28, 2022

International Studies 3701 -- Introduction to Homeland Security

International Studies 3701 Introduction to Homeland Security Icon

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 3701 Homeland Security


Prof. Frank Stratman
TR  5:30 PM – 6:50 PM
Room 209, Campbell Hall  
Class #:     23842

Dr. David Winn
MW  2:20 PM – 3:40 PM
Room 246, Hopkns Hall 
Class #:     26823

This undergraduate course provides students with a comprehensive overview of U.S. homeland security.  It places homeland security in the context of overall national security and introduces students to the historic, current and emerging threats to strategic interests in the U.S. homeland, with particular emphasis on domestic and foreign terrorism.  Students are also introduced to the organizations, laws, strategies, plans, programs and technologies that exist or are being developed to deal with current and future homeland-security challenges.  As well, they are prepared to assess systematically, objectively and rigorously various homeland-security problems and issues and to develop and effectively communicate appropriate recommendations to responsible decision makers.  Finally, the course acquaints students with government and non-government career opportunities related to various areas of homeland security. 

The course is intended for students enrolled in a variety of undergraduate academic degree programs taken for credit at The Ohio State University. 


General: This course will help students improve their proficiency to:

  • Think broadly, critically and analytically about complex issues
  • Develop personal opinions and positions about complex issues and defending or advocating their position to others, based on well-reasoned and well-supported arguments
  • Work independently and effectively  as a member of a team
  • Communicate effectively