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      A Peyote Exemption:  Examining Identity & Race Between the Native American Church & U.S Lawops Shortage and the Difficulties of Staying Organic
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    :  Recognizing the Chinese Marriage Trade as a Gray Market


  • Cassandra Clark & Emily Pavkov: Hops Shortage and the Difficulties of Staying Organic
  • Rebekah Kartal: On the Conditions of the Possibility for Transcending the Capitalist Nation State in Chiapas, Mexico: A Karatanian Analysis
  • Yasmin Kavarizadeh, Aida Tahiraj, & Inaam Aissa: "The Ties that Bind" in the New World: Intergenerational Transmission of Culture in a Dual Identity Context and the "Diversity Immigrant Visa" Program
  • Peter Marzalik: Intra-Communal Violence in Southwest Russia and the Government's Reaction to Extremism
  • Darby O'Donnell: The Land Grab in Africa: an Expansion of the Colonial Mentality
  • Benjamin Osheroff: Comparative Nationalism: Assessing the Role of Nationalist Ideology in Independence Movements within Multinational States
  • Shelby Stults: Variances in the Brazilian Favela
  • Carey Utz: Study of the Plight of the Smallholder Cocoa Farmer: A Case Study of Southern Regions in Ghana



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